To add content to Edgar, click the Add New Content button at the top right of any page:

To create a post, choose your social media accounts, enter your content text and link, upload any media you'd like, and save it!  Learn more: 

Choose Your Social Accounts

Choose which of your social accounts you authorize Edgar to publish this post to. Accounts must be selected to publish a post.

If a post isn't relevant to a certain account, simply don't select that account on it.

You can select as many Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as you'd like.  However, you may only select one Twitter account per post due to Twitter's policies.

Additional social media accounts can be connected to Edgar on the Accounts page.

Create Your Content

On the Editor tab, select the category you'd like the post to be saved to, enter your post text and link(s), upload any images or video you'd like, and make changes to your link shortening or Advanced Settings, if desired.

To create additional variations of your post, click the Add Variation button or use Edgar's Auto-variation feature.

Posts for Twitter can have a maximum of 280 characters, and post to LinkedIn can have a maximum of 700 characters.

You may upload up to 4 images for a Twitter post and up to 20 images for a Facebook post.  LinkedIn posts may have only 1 image.

Preview Your Content

After you create your post, click the Preview tab to see what your post will look like on the social networks. 

Use the drop down menus to preview different accounts or variations. 

When you're finished making changes, click ‘Save to Library’. 

Notes: Edgar's previews are approximations of what the social networks will display.  Each network will create their own preview at the time the post is published. 

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings allow you to designate a post as Use Once or set an expiration date or specific time for the post to be published.  Learn more: Advanced Settings.

More Ways to Create Content

In addition to the Add New Content button, Edgar has additional options for importing content, including:


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