Ready to schedule your posts? Learn how to manually schedule posts or set up your automated recurring schedule below. We highly recommend taking advantage of Edgar's automated scheduling options, which save precious time! But, we encourage you to use multiple scheduling options to fit with your social media strategy.

When Should I Post?

The content you should post and the times when you should post it are unique to you, your business, and your audience. Check your Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics to see when your audience is most likely to be online and when your posts get the most engagement. 

Learn more about the best times to post.

Manually Schedule Your Posts

When creating your posts, you have 3 options for saving it: Save to Library, Send Now and Save, or Schedule Send and Save.

Save to Library

Clicking Save to Library will save the post to the category you selected. The post will publish according to the automated time slots you add on your Schedule page. You'll learn more about those below.

Send Now and Save

Clicking Send Now and Save will publish the post to your selected social networks one minute after you click the button. The post will also be saved to your Library and will be published in the future according to the automated time slots on your schedule (with the exception of Twitter or Use Once posts).

Schedule Send and Save

Clicking Schedule Send and Save will give you the option to set a specific date and time in the future for the post to be published.

The post will be held until the date and time you choose, when it will be published to your social networks. Once it publishes at that time, the post will go back into the regular rotation for that category and be published again according to the automated time slots on your schedule (with the exception of Twitter and Use Once posts).

If you schedule a post for a specific date and time, it will appear in the Queue at that time. In the right corner, it will have an X button where the Skip button usually appears:

If you decide you don't want to send this post at that date and time, you can click the X button and confirm that you'd like to remove the specific date and time.

Automated Scheduling with Edgar

On Edgar's Schedule page, you’ll find your recurring automation schedule. You add time slots to each day of the week at the times you'd like Edgar to publish for you. Then, Edgar will follow these publishing rules week after week, automatically pulling content from your categories to post for you, without needing to hand-schedule every post.  

For a full walkthrough of exactly how Edgar's automated schedule takes a post from your library and sends it out to your social accounts, check out How does a post get from my library to my queue?

To add time slots to your automated recurring schedule, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Timeslot button at the top right or click directly on a day and time in the schedule grid to add a time slot. 

  2. Select which social accounts you'd like to send a post to at this time.

  3. Select the category you'd like Edgar to pull a post from.  Learn more about categories.

  4. Make any changes to the day(s) or time, and save the time slot.

Once you've create your time slots, you can see what Edgar is planning to post for you in the Queue.

Schedule Filters

Click the All Accounts drop-down menu at the top of the schedule and select an account to see only that account's schedule. Or click the Categories drop-down menu to filter your time slots by category.  These two filters can be combined.

Edit or Delete a Time Slot

To edit or delete a time slot, click on the time slot to open it.  Make any changes you'd like and save it, or click the red delete button at the bottom left to delete it.

Random Time Slots

Random time slots are a great way to mix up your posting rotation and keep things fresh.  Random will take all of the content in your library and mix it up into a random order for posting in your Random time slots.

Learn more about how random works and how to exclude content from random here: Edgar's Random Time Slots.

Time Slot Limits

You can add a maximum of 1,000 time slots to your schedule.

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