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Import posts from your blog, WordPress, YouTube, Vimeo, Etsy, Medium, Pinterest, Zapier, podcasts, or any website with an RSS feed!

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Edgar automatically imports posts from any website or service that generates an RSS feed, including most blogs, WordPress sites, YouTube, Medium, Vimeo, Etsy, Pinterest, Zapier, podcasts, and more!  Check out how to connect popular services to import posts automatically below.

Edgar will automatically check each connection every night to import any new posts he finds.

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Connect a blog

Most websites and blogs output an RSS feed that lists a concise version of their latest content. Edgar can read these feeds and automatically import posts from them. 

On the Import page:

  1. Click on the Connect a blog box.

  2. Enter the URL for the website you'd like to import from and click Next.

  3. Edgar will check the website to see if an RSS feed is present.  If it is, he'll grab that feed and then let you choose your options for it.

Choose your options:

  1. Select the social accounts you'd like to connect to the posts imported from this feed.

  2. Select the category where you'd like Edgar to put the posts from the feed.

  3. Choose whether you'd like the posts to be sent directly to your library or to the pending content queue where you'll have a chance to review them before they're published.

  4. Choose whether posts imported from this feed should be Use Once.

RSS is designed to output only the most recent content. Most feeds will give Edgar the 10 most recent posts on their site. Depending on whether you own the site Edgar is importing from and what platform it's on, you may be able to import more posts by changing the settings on your RSS feed. For WordPress blogs, you can change that number to import more posts: WordPress RSS Settings.

RSS Errors

There are a number of reasons why Edgar might not be able to find or to read an RSS feed. Usually, there may not be an RSS Feed set up for the particular site you're trying to add. Sometimes, though, an RSS Feed exists but does not have the proper formatting that Edgar can use. You can use an RSS Feed validation service to check a feed's formatting, such as this one: https://validator.w3.org/feed/

Enter the RSS feed URL into this validator, and if you encounter any errors, please inform the developer of the site you want to add.

Chrome extension and Firefox or Safari bookmarklet

Edgar has a Chrome extension as well as a bookmarklet for Firefox and Safari.  Installing Edgar's extension or bookmarklet will give you an Edgar button on your browser that allows you to add a post to Edgar from any webpage while you're browsing the web.  Grab the option for your favorite browser here: Browser Extension and Bookmarklet

Learn how to install the extension or bookmarklet on mobile devices: Extension and Bookmarklet for iOS and Android

Connect a Pinterest feed

Import Pins from Pinterest by entering a Pinterest username or a Pinterest board.

Click on the Pinterest box on the Import page. Then input either a Pinterest user's username to import the latest Pins from all of their Pinterest boards or input the URL for a specific Pinterest board to import only the latest Pins from that board.

For example, Edgar's Pinterest username is meetedgar. So you would enter that to import Edgar's Pins. Or, to grab just the Pins on Edgar's Ultimate Social Media How-To Pinterest board, you could use https://www.pinterest.com/meetedgar/ultimate-social-media-how-to.

Connect a YouTube channel

On the Import page, click on the YouTube box and then enter the URL for a YouTube channel to import the most recent posts from that channel.

For example, the Edgar's YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/Meetedgar. Inputting that URL in the YouTube box on the Import page will import that latest YouTube posts from Edgar's channel.

You can also import from specific YouTube playlists as well. Instead of entering the channel URL, you must input the playlist's feed URL, which looks like this: https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?playlist_id=YOUR_YOUTUBE_PLAYLIST_NUMBER

Replace YOUR_YOUTUBE_PLAYLIST_NUMBER with the playlist ID number

For example, Edgar's User Spotlight playlist on Youtube lives here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuMwmBzJb6-9eCH7xl5Qfp3CG9FhrVqKY

The play list ID is PLuMwmBzJb6-9eCH7xl5Qfp3CG9FhrVqKY

So, the feed URL for that playlist is www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?playlist_id=PLuMwmBzJb6-9eCH7xl5Qfp3CG9FhrVqKY, which you can enter into the YouTube box on the Import page.

Connect a WordPress site

To connect a WordPress site to Edgar, the site must have an RSS feed installed on it.  Enter the URL for your site in the WordPress box on the Import page to see if Edgar can find a feed to import.

Most feeds will only give Edgar the 10 most recent posts on their site. For WordPress blogs, you can change that number to import more content: WordPress RSS Settings.

Import content from a spreadsheet

Create a spreadsheet using Google Sheets or Numbers (on a Mac) with your post text, including any links, in column A and the name of the Edgar category you want to put the content into in column B.  Export your spreadsheet as a .csv file with UTF-8 encoding and upload it to Edgar on the Import page.

Note: We do not recommend using Excel to create spreadsheets for Edgar.  Please use Google Sheets or Numbers. 

Please enter your category names into the spreadsheet exactly as they appear in Edgar. Category names are case sensitive.

See all the details on creating, formatting, and uploading a spreadsheet of posts to Edgar here: Bulk Import.

Connect a Medium blog

Connect a Medium blog to Edgar by clicking the Medium box on the Import page. Then input the Medium user's username.

To find a Medium user's @name, simply visit their blog on Medium and look for their @name at the end of the blog's URL. For example, Edgar's founder Laura Roeder's Medium name is @lkr:

Connect an Etsy shop

Enter the URL for any Etsy shop in the Etsy box on the Import page to import the 10 most recent listings. Be sure to grab the shop URL and not shop owner's profile URL. For example: https://www.etsy.com/shop/YourShopName

New listings will be automatically imported to Edgar the night after they are added to the shop.

Connect a Vimeo channel

Vimeo channels have two RSS feeds that you can connect to Edgar: your channel's video feed (that is the videos you have uploaded to your channel) or the channel's likes feed (that is the Vimeo videos from other users that you have liked from your channel).

On the Import page, click the Vimeo box. Then, input your Vimeo channel's URL and click Add Channel Feed to import your videos or Add Likes Feed to import your likes. If you'd like to import both feeds, simply add the first feed, then return to the Import page and repeat to add the second.

Import content with Zapier

Zapier allows thousands of different apps to connect to each other and exchange information across the web.  For Edgar, that means he can import posts from various different apps through Zapier, including X, Instagram, Pocket, Feedly, and many more.  Check out how to import content with Zapier here: Edgar & Zapier.

Connect a Podcast

On the Import page, click the Podcast box. Then enter the podcast's RSS feed URL and click Next. For podcasts, you must enter the specific RSS Feed URL in order to import the posts. Entering just the regular URL for a podcast, will not import posts for you.

Finding the RSS feed for a podcast can be tricky.  If you host your podcast on Buzzsprout, Podbean, or Blubrry, this article will show you how to find your feed URL: How to Create (or Find) Your Podcast RSS Feed on the Top Platforms

If you'd like to link an iTunes or Apple Podcast to Edgar, you'll first have to generate an RSS URL for it.  

  • Copy the regular URL to the podcast and enter it here: Feed Flipper.

  • Then copy the RSS link Feed Flipper gives you into the Podcast box on the Import page.

Example Apple Podcast:

The URL for Edgar's Social Post podcast is https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/social-post/id1473139348

If you enter that into Feed Flipper, they give you this RSS Feed URL: https://feeds.captivate.fm/social-post/

Enter https://feeds.captivate.fm/social-post/ into the Podcast box on the Import page to import posts from Edgar's podcast.

Connect a Substack Feed

If you're a SubStack user, you automatically have an RSS feed for your publication. Just enter your feed address into the Connect a Blog box on the Import page in Edgar. Your feed looks like this: https://your.substack.com/feed


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