Advanced Settings allows you to designate posts as Use Once, set a specific date and time for the post to publish, or set an expiration date on the post: 

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How to Manually Schedule a Post

To send a post at a specific date and time, click on Advanced Settings. Check the 'Send at a specific time' box, and choose a specific time and date for your post to be published. 

Edgar will not publish the post until the time and date that you specified. After it's published at that time, he will include it in the normal posting rotation for that category for Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter posts set for a specific date and time will be published at that time only and then retired.

Variations and Scheduling for a Specific Time

If you add multiple variations to a post and then schedule the post for a specific time, Edgar will send the last variation at that specific date and time.  The remaining variations will then be published according to your schedule for that category.  For more on how Variations are queued, check out Variations.

What does a manually scheduled post look like in the Queue?

If you've scheduled a post for a specific date and time, it will appear in the Queue at that time. In the right corner, it will have an X button where the Skip button usually appears: 

If you decide you do not want to send this post at that date and time, you can click the X button and confirm that you'd like to remove the specific date and time.

Setting an Expiration Date

To set an expiration date on a post, click Advanced Settings, check the box next to Expire content at a specific date and time, and choose your date and time.  

Posts with an expiration date will be part of the regular rotation of posts for that category until the expiration date passes.  Then the post will be retired and grayed out in the Library.**

Posts with multiple variations will be expired at the set time, even if unpublished variations remain.  Whether all variations publish before the expiration date depends on how many time slots are on your schedule and how much content is in that category for Edgar to rotate through.

To reactivate an expired post, edit the post and remove the expiration date.  

**My post says it's only expired for Twitter. What does that mean?

Setting a Post as Use Once

Click Advanced Settings, and check the box next to Use Once.  Edgar will publish that post one time only and then retire it.

For more information on how Use Once works, see Use Once.

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