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Creating a complete Pinterest post
Creating a complete Pinterest post

Selecting a Pinterest board, setting a Pin title, setting a Pin destination link, and selecting an image or video to Pin

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Edgar's Add New Content page has several features that apply only to Pinterest content. To create a complete Pinterest post you must:

  • select a board to publish the Pin on

  • attach image or video

  • (Optional) add a Pin description

  • (Optional) add a Pin title

  • (Optional) designate a Pin destination link

While not required, Edgar recommends including a Pin title, Pin description, and destination link in addition to your image or video to create a complete Pin with the best chance of attracting engagement from your followers. Learn about these features below:

Select a Pinterest Board

When adding or editing your content, select your Pinterest account at the left. Then click the Select board drop down menu to choose which board you’d like to publish the Pin to.

Attach an Image or Video

Pinterest requires either an image or a video in order to publish a Pin.

If you enter a link in the text box or the destination link field, Edgar will suggest images from that link for you to attach. Or, click the image or video button to upload an image or video from your computer.

Images for Pinterest must be 5MB or less, in .jpg or .png format, and only one image may be attached per variation. You may not reuse the same image or video for more than one variation due to Pinterest’s rules regarding how often you can reshare a Pin and what constitutes a unique Pin.

Videos must be less than 2GB, a maximum of 15 minutes in length, and in .mov or .mp4 format. To publish a video to Pinterest, your Pinterest account must be a business account. Personal Pinterest accounts cannot publish videos.

Set a Pin Title

The Pin Title is an optional field where you can specify a short, attention grabbing headline for your Pin. If you choose to specify a title, it will publish in larger text with your Pin. Any text you enter in the main text box will publish as a smaller description.

Pin titles can be a maximum of 100 characters, and Pin descriptions (the main text box in Edgar) can be a maximum of 500 characters. While the Pin title is optional, Edgar encourages you to use it to help grab your followers’ attention with catchy headlines.

If you choose to leave the Pin Title field blank, Pinterest will pull the title from the og:title tag on the website you are linking to, and your text will be published as a description. So, for example, if you were linking to a blog post, Pinterest would grab the title of the blog post from the website and publish that title along with your description text.

Edgar recommends setting both a title and description for the most engaging pins.

Add a Pin Destination Link

The Destination link is an optional field that allows you to link your Pin to a website. So, when your followers click on your Pin, they’ll be taken to that website. You can create Pins that don’t link to a website, but Edgar highly recommends including a destination link with all Pinterest content. After all, this is a great way to drive people to your website, your blog, your podcast, etc. Just be sure the link is relevant to the image or video, your Pin title, and your Pin description.

If you enter a link in the text field on the Add New Content page, Edgar will automatically add your link to the Destination Link field for you. And he’ll automatically add that same link to the Destination Link field on any additional variations you create. You can, of course, edit the Destination Link at any time.


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