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πŸ™ Introducing Inky! Edgar's AI sidekick πŸ™
πŸ™ Introducing Inky! Edgar's AI sidekick πŸ™
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Meet the newest member of TeamEdgar πŸŽ‰

Inky is my smart lil' AI sidekick here to help make your content creation faster and easier than ever!

What does Inky offer?

All-in-one solution πŸ’ƒ

➑️ Inky generates captions right inside the content composer

Customized content πŸ™Œ

➑️ Choose tone of voice and opt-in for hashtags, then Inky creates smart copy for you

Check out Inky in action in and get the inside scoop on my new AI sidekick:

How do I use Inky? πŸ€”

Using Inky is a breeze, simply click 'Generate Content with Inky' when in the new content composer in the Craft Your Content section and describe what kind of copy you need.

πŸ’‘ Hashtags suggestions can be turned on or off.

πŸ’‘ Tone can be selected from the drop down menu to help guide Inky in the kind of content you'd like to create.

❗Please note: you will need to be in the NEW content composer to find and use Inky. Also if you are on a grandfathered in plan that does not reflect current pricing, you will need to upgrade to find Inky.

What is Inky's pricing?

The best part is you get FREE Inky credits every month!

β€’ Eddie plan =15 Inky credits/month*

β€’ Edgar plan = 50 Inky credits/month*

Need more Inky credits? No problem, you can buy them in-app here. 100 credits are $2.50 USD. πŸ™

*unused credits expire after 30 days

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you need any assistance at all! 😊

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