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MeetEdgar's Add New Content button and how to add new posts to your Edgar Library

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You can use Edgar to create content so you can fill your Library and publish posts to your social accounts. To add posts to Edgar, click the Add New Content button at the top right of any page:

This will take you to the content composer, where you can create a post, organize it into a category, and attach it your social media accounts. The content composer allows you to add your post's text as well as any link or other media as you need. Find out more here:

Organize your Content into a Category

All posts in your Edgar Library must be organized into a category. Click the dropdown and select the appropriate category or add a category if you don't see one to your liking.

Attach a Social Account to your Content

Choose which of your social accounts you authorize Edgar to publish this post to. Accounts must be selected to publish a post to that particular account. Please note that if you want Edgar to publish to an account based on your Schedule, the Schedule calendar will need to have a time slot set up that matches the same attached category and account as the content you've created.

If a post isn't relevant to a certain account, simply don't select that account on it.

You can select as many of your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn accounts as you'd like. However, you may only select one X account per post due to X's policies. Additional social media accounts can be connected to your Edgar account on the Accounts page.

Writing Text and Adding Media to your Content

In the content composer, you can type or paste your post text. You can also add link(s) or emojis. For posts attached to Facebook pages only, you can also include an @ mention tag for a particular Facebook page.

Below the content composer you can find options to attach images or videos to your content. There is also a button for Edgar's Canva integration. To create additional variations of your post, click the Add Variation button. If you have a link added to your post, you can use Edgar's suggest variations feature.

But that's not all! We now have our super cool AI sidekick named Inky to help with content generation. You'll be able to interact with him on the right side text box. Learn more here.

Character Limits for Posts

Character limits for each network are as follows:

  • X: 280 characters

  • Pinterest: 500 characters

  • LinkedIn: 1300 characters

  • Google Business: 1500 characters

  • Instagram: 2200 characters

  • Facebook: no current limit

Image Limits for Posts

The total number of images you can add are as follows:

  • Pinterest: 1 image

  • Google Business: 1 image

  • X: up to 4 images

  • LinkedIn: up to 9 images

  • Instagram: up to 10 images

  • Facebook: up to 20 images

One video may be uploaded per variation according to the limitations for each network. Hover over the video icon to view the network requirements for video. Edgar can only publish video content to Facebook, X, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Edgar can also import images from your links for you.  Learn more about attaching images from your links and other media here: Add Media to Your Edgar Content.

Preview Your Posts

After you create your post, click the Preview icon (eyeball in the upper right, above Inky) to see what your post will look like on the social networks. 


From there you will be able to select the platform you'd like to preview the post on:

Note: Edgar's previews are approximations of what the social networks will display. The resulting post may not appear the same when published by each particular social network. 

Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings allow you to designate a post as Use Once, set an expiration date, or change your link shortening settings for that post.  Learn more: Advanced Settings.

Manually Schedule Posts from the Content Composer

The 'Schedule' button at the bottom of the content composer works separately from the 'Schedule' view in Edgar. While the 'Schedule' view allows for weekly automations based on the categories and posts in your Edgar Library, the 'Schedule' button at the bottom of the content composer will tell Edgar to only publish the most recently added variation of the particular post you are working on. There are two manual schedule options: Send Now and Save, or Schedule Send and Save.

Manually scheduled posts are published in addition to any time slots on your schedule page!

Send Now and Save

Clicking Send Now and Save will publish the post to your social networks one minute after you click the button.  The post will also be saved to your Library and will be published in the regular post rotation for that category according to the time slots on your schedule (with the exception of X ). Send Now posts are published in addition to any time slots on your schedule page.

Schedule Send and Save

Clicking Schedule Send and Save will give you the option to set a specific date and time in the future for the post to be published. Posts published at a specific date and time are published in addition to any time slots on your schedule page.

The post will be held until the date and time you choose, when it will be published to your social networks.  Once it publishes at that time, the post will go back into the regular rotation for that category and will be published according to the time slots on your schedule (with the exception of X).

Manually Scheduled Posts and the Queue

Manually scheduled posts will not appear as time slots on your Edgar Schedule view, however they will appear on your upcoming Queue. You can find your manually scheduled posts by scrolling to the time when you set Edgar to publish the post. In the right corner, it will have an X button where the Skip button usually appears: 

If you decide you do not want to send this post at that date and time, you can click the X button and confirm that you'd like to remove the specific date and time.

Save your Content to Library

Clicking Save to Library will save the post to the category you selected. If you have time slots set up that match the post's category and attached social accounts, then Edgar should publish the post according to the time slots on your schedule page.

After saving, Edgar will refresh the content composer with the same category and social accounts selected as the post you just saved. You are free to create more content or move to another page in Edgar.

More Ways to Create Posts

In addition to the Add New Content button, Edgar has more options for importing posts, including:


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