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Scheduling with Edgar

How to schedule content, manual scheduling, automated scheduling, what is a Random time slot?

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Schedule your social media posts with Edgar. In this article, you will learn how to create an automated recurring schedule or manually schedule your content. Edgar's automated scheduling options save time, and we recommend using a variety of scheduling approaches to complement your social media strategy.

When are the Best Times to Post?

Your audience, your business, and other factors will determine the type of material you should post and when. To find out when your audience is most likely to be online and when your posts receive the greatest engagement, be sure to check out your Edgar Dashboard and Content Publishing History. We also recommend using the insights available to you with the analytics offered by each social media platform. Find out more about the ideal posting times with these articles:

When you start an Edgar account and do not have any time slots on your Schedule, Edgar will suggest time slots for you. These suggested time slots are based on internal research. After you create your schedule, Edgar will not recommend time slots again.

How to Create Weekly Automations

In the calendar view of the Schedule page, you can set up repeating and non-repeating time slots. Edgar will then automatically post content based on these time slots each week without having to manually schedule posts. The time slots on the schedule are counted as your weekly automations.

Create a time slot

  1. In the Calendar view, add a time slot by clicking the top-right Add Timeslot button or by clicking directly on a day and time in the schedule grid.

  2. Choose which social profiles to post to. Note: one time slot equals one time slot, adding more than one social profile to a time slot will not add toward your total weekly automation limit.

  3. Choose whether you want Edgar to publish from a category or publish an individual post.

  4. If you are publishing from a category, choose the category. If you are publishing an invidual post, select the individual post. Note: the post you select must be attached to the social account you have selected for this time slot.

  5. Change the "Send at" time or "Send on" day.

  6. Select whether you want the time slot to repeat weekly or not to repeat.

  7. The initals SMTWFS represent the days of the week. Select one or more to create a time slot those days of the week.

  8. Click 'Save' to save.

View upcoming posts in the Queue

You can find out what posts are upcoming in the Queue. To access the Queue, click on the drop down at the top of the Schedule where it says Calendar View, then click Queue view. Find out more here: Queue Overview.

Schedule Filters

In the Calendar view of the Schedule, you can use the filters on the top right hand side to filter the displayed time slots. Select an account from the All Accounts drop-down option at the top of the schedule to view its schedule. To filter by category, click All Categories. You can also combine these two filters.

Edit or Delete a Time Slot

Click on a time slot to open the time slot window. Change it and save it, or delete it by clicking the red button in the bottom left.

Random Time Slots

A Random time slot will allow Edgar to pick a random posts from your Edgar library and queue it to post. Edgar will select the content completely at random, whether or not has already been published. Edgar's Random Time Slots explains more about this feature and how to exclude categories from a Random time slot.

Weekly Automation Limits

Each Edgar plan has a limit to the total number of time slots you can add to your Schedule per week. Find out more on Edgar's Pricing page.

Time Zone

You can see what time zone your account is set to in both the Queue and the Schedule.

To change your time zone, edit your profile information on the Settings page.


Schedule Posts Manually

You can use Edgar's content composer to schedule posts manually. This is useful if you want to schedule a post beyond the two-week window in Edgar's Schedule calendar view. Posts scheduled manually from the content composer will not appear as time slots in your Schedule grid, but they will appear in your Queue. Find out more in this article: Add New Content to Edgar.

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