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My post failed to send, I got an error

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There are a few main reasons a post may fail to publish or the social network may reject it:

  1. If your Instagram post has been rejected, and it was set to be published directly, double-check to make sure the image you're using is saved in one of the supported aspect ratios. You can find more information about this here.

  2. The Text: Facebook, X, or LinkedIn may have rejected the post due to the text. Some text, hashtags, or links can send up red flags for the networks if they have previously been reported as spam or abusive content by other users. Changing the text of your post may allow it to publish in the future.

  3. The Link: The link in your post may be blocked by one of the networks because it's been reported as spam or abusive. If that's the case and this is your link that you know does not contain abusive content, you can contact X to ask them to unblock it. Or for Facebook, you can run the link through their link debugger tool to see whether it's been flagged: https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/

  4. The Media: The image or video media in your post may hit an error for a number of reasons. Occasionally the social network may have trouble processing the media, which is a temporary error. You should first try to reschedule the content. Sometimes a video may not conform to the social network's limits, so you should make sure they fit following our guidelines here: Video specifications.

  5. Your Account: Your account on the social network may be flagged for other reasons, so they aren't letting any posts from other sources through. Log into your social network account to see if this is the case, and contact the social network to find out why they have locked your account.

  6. Content Repeating Too Often: While recycling posts is a good thing (except on X) and it can drive more traffic to your website, repeating posts too often can get your account flagged as spam. As a general rule, you should set up your Edgar account so that no post is repeated within a 24 hour period. The more posts you have, the more space between recycling. How often your postst will repeat depends on how much content is in a category and how often that category appears on the schedule (i.e., if you have 10 posts in a category and that category appears on the schedule twice, those posts will begin recycling every 5 weeks).

If you're still not sure why your post was rejected by the social network, reach out to the customer experience team by clicking on the message bubble at the bottom right of any page. We'll be happy to take a look for you!

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