Getting great engagement on social media is largely about the quality of your content.  Plus up your content with link previews, images, and videos. Each variation of your content can have a unique media attachment. A wider variety of media and text can help boost your engagement.

Format Your Website for the Best Social Shares

Whether you're sharing your latest blog or one of your followers is giving it a shout out, you want every share to be visually appealing and have the best chance of being reshared.  To do that, it's crucial that you format your website's meta data for optimal social shares on Facebook and Twitter.  That way, no matter where or how your posts get shared, they'll always look great!

Dealing with meta tags may sound intimidating, but it's really pretty simple.  And most of the time, you can use a plugin to do this automatically.  So, once you set up the plugin, you don't have to worry about it again.

Learn how to format your meta tags for Facebook Link Previews here: Make Engaging Posts on Facebook with Facebook Link Previews

Learn how to add Twitter Cards to your website here: Make Engaging Posts with Twitter Cards

Add Images to Your Content

Edgar provides two options to attach images to your posts: 

  1. Directly import images from a URL you enter

  2. Upload image files from your computer

Learn more about each option below: 

When you enter a link with the text of your post, Edgar will check the link to see if there are any images he can grab for you.

To attach those images, click the Add button on the image(s) you'd like to add: 

Images that are attached using this option will be published to the social network as photos, just like when you upload an image from your computer or mobile device.

If you have a Facebook or LinkedIn account selected, the Link Preview attachment will load first.  If you would like to remove the Link Preview and attach images instead, click the X at the top right:

The required image size for Edgar to pull an image from a website at this time is between 200 x 200px and 8192 x 8192px and less than 5MB.

After attaching images from your link, you can upload additional images from your computer or mobile device by clicking the photo button. You can add up to the total number of images allowed by the social networks you select. Keep reading for more info about uploading your images!

Upload Your Images

To upload an image, click the photo icon on the variation you'd like to add the image to. Different images may be uploaded to each variation or you may attach the same image to each variation (with the exception of Pinterest). Vary your media attachments to boost your engagement.

Image files must be in GIF, PNG, or JPG format The maximum file size is 5MB

For Instagram, the image must have an aspect ratio between 4:5 and 1.91:1. Images outside this aspect ratio may result in an error.

Can I add more than one image to a post?

Yes! You can upload a maximum of 4 static images for Twitter, 9 images for LinkedIn, 10 images for Instagram, 20 images for Facebook. Pinterest allows only 1 image at this time.

If you are attaching an animated GIF file, you may attached only 1 GIF to a Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest post. GIFs cannot be combined with other media on those networks.

For Instagram, you will choose the order of the images when you receive the push notification on your mobile device at the time of the post.

For more platform-specific guidelines, please see the following:

How to Properly Size Your Images for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn

Add Video to Your Content

Edgar publishes videos to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. To publish videos to Pinterest, your account must be a Pinterest business account. Personal Pinterest accounts cannot publish video.

To add a video, click the video button on the Add New Content page and choose your video from your computer or mobile device. Only one video may be attached per variation at this time. Videos cannot be combined with other attachment types.

Video Specifications

Maximum file size: 512MB
Supported File Types: MP4 file extensions
Resolution: 1280x1024 max dimensions, 32x32 min dimensions
Max Length: 2 min 20 sec maximum duration

Maximum File Size: 512MB
Supported File Types: MPV or MOV file extensions
Resolution: 1280x1024 max dimensions, 32x32 min dimensions
Max Length: no maximum duration

Maxiumum File Size: 512MB
Supported File Types: MP4 and MOV file extensions
Max Length: 60 sec


Maximum File Size: 2GB

Supported File Types: MP4 and MOV file extensions

Max Length: 15 minutes

Encoding: H.264 or H.265 (note iPhones running iOS 11 or later may record in HVEC, which Pinterest will reject. To see how to change your iPhone settings go here: Apple Video Settings)

Only Pinterest business accounts may publish videos

Edgar cannot publish videos to LinkedIn at this time, but it's on our roadmap for future improvements!

*Note: You may upload a maximum of 500GB worth of videos to your Edgar account. 

Add Emojis to Your Content

Adding emojis to your content can help you express yourself more creatively. They also help your content stand out in the crowded social media feeds.  And they can bring an element of fun to your content that can help boost engagement.

So throw an emoji--or four--into your social posts with Edgar's emoji picker.

Or, search for that perfect emoji by entering a colon followed by a search term in the text box like this: 

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