To connect a Facebook page to Edgar, make sure your personal Facebook profile is an admin for the page and follow the steps below: 

  1. Click the Facebook Page/Group button on the Accounts page.

  2. When prompted by Facebook, click to continue as your personal profile. Then on the next prompt, click "Choose what to allow" and make sure your pages and groups are checked to allow Edgar to manage them.

3. After granting permissions, Edgar will display a list of the pages that your personal profile is an admin for.  Click on the page(s) you'd like to add so they are highlighted in green, and click Connect Selected at the bottom of the page.

Warning: Don't remove your personal Facebook profile! Edgar needs this connected so he can publish to your Facebook page. Your profile serves as a parent account to grant permissions for your pages and groups.

Has your Facebook Page been updated to the New Pages Experience?

If your page has been updated to the New Pages Experience, you will not be able to connect the page to any third-party scheduling tool, including Edgar. In some cases you can switch back to the classic Page experience. Follow these steps:

Already have your page connected, but it needs to be refreshed?  Go here: 

Looking for info on Facebook Groups?  Go here: 


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