Does MeetEdgar have an affiliate program?

While Edgar doesn't have a traditional affiliate program, we do have a friend referral program for our current customers.  If you're a current customer and you'd like to earn credits on your Edgar bill for your referrals, check out the Octopal program here: https://meetedgar.com/the-octopal-program

What social networks does Edgar work with?

Edgar works with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (profiles and company pages). 

Does Edgar work with GooglePlus?

We do not have any immediate plans to add Google+.

Does Edgar work with Pinterest?

Our team is working on a Pinterest import feature. Stay tuned here: Upcoming Features

Does Edgar work with Instagram?

We're working on it! Check out our upcoming features here: Upcoming Features

How can I submit a feature request?

Use this Google form to submit a feature request: http://meetedgar.com/featurerequests

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Check it out here: Cancellation and Refunds

Can Edgar shorten my links automatically or track clicks?

He sure can!  Check out Edgar's link shortening options here: Shorten URLs with Ed.gr, Rebrandly, or Bitly.com

Will my followers see the Published by MeetEdgar tag on my Facebook posts?

On Facebook pages? Nope! On posts to groups?  Yes. Check out the details of how that tag works in our Facebook FAQs.


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