Easily create content variations to keep your social media queue filled with fresh posts!

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Edgar's variations feature allows you to create multiple versions of a post to add more variety to your Library.  He can even suggest variations for you!  Learn more:

Create Variations for Your Content

  • Enter your post text and link in the text box in Step 3 of the content composer.

  • Click the Suggest variations button to import variations from most English-language websites.

  • Or click the Manually add variation button to add your own variations.  There is no limit to how many variations you can add to a post.

  • Each variation can have its own media attachment. You choose whether to attach a link preview, image(s), or video for each individual variation for the most variety.

Edgar recommends using different headlines, sub-headings, pull quotes, calls to action, and media attachment types when creating variations for your posts.  Make variations unique to engage your audience!

For X and LinkedIn, be sure to include the link in the text of each variation. If no link is in the text of the variation, X and LinkedIn will NOT display a link or link preview.  

Advanced Settings

Use Once: If you designate a post with variations as Use Once, each variation will publish one time to each of the social accounts you select.  Once all variations have published, the post will be retired and none of the variations will be repeated. Learn more about Use Once.

Expiration Date: If you set an expiration date on a post with variations, the post will expire on that date, even if there are unpublished variations remaining.  Whether all variations will publish prior to the expiration date depends on how often your schedule publishes that category and how many posts are in the category.

Suggested Variations

Once you enter a link in the first variation of your content, the Suggest Variations button will be available. Clicking Suggest variations will check your link and import up to 4 pull quotes from the website's text automatically. 

Edit these pull quotes to add your own comments or calls to action.  And add as many additional manual variations as you'd like.

For Facebook posts, be sure to enter text manually into the Facebook text box for each suggested variation.  Facebook prohibits auto-populated text for their posts.  If you do not enter content into the Facebook text box of each variation, then only the Facebook link preview or attached media will publish to Facebook.  Learn more.

Suggested Variations Help

Edgar may not be able to generate suggested variations for some links.  A few of the common reasons include:

  • There is not enough text in the link to create variations. 

  • The site is in a language other than English. 

  • The site may have a firewall or other security software or special formatting that is blocking Edgar's scraper.

But don't worry!  Even if Edgar can't suggest variations for your link, you can always manually create your own.

Variations Posting Order

By default, Edgar publishes content in a last in, first out order, and your variations are no different.  The last variation on any post will be the first one published, and Edgar will work backward through the variations from there.

If you choose the Send Now and Save option or the Schedule Send and Save option when you save your post, the last variation on the post will be sent now or sent at the time you selected.

Variations on a single post will NOT be published back to back.  Edgar will publish a single variation from each post in a category before publishing another variation.  For example, if you have 3 posts in a category and each post has 2 variations, Edgar will publish them in this order:

Post 3, variation 2
Post 2, variation 2
Post 1, variation 2
Post 3, variation 1
Post 2, variation 1
Post 1, variation 1

Variations on a single post will only publish back to back if that post is the only post in the category.

Split Test Your Variations

If you are using to shorten your links, click tracking can help you split test your variations to see which variations are performing best and which ones you could delete or improve. Learn more: Variation Performance.

My X Posts Ran Out of Variations

Content can only be published to X one time to comply with their rules.  After all variations of a post have published to X, you'll see the "Expired for X" designation on the post in the Library.*

Edit the post and add new variations to reactivate it.

Edgar will send you an email notification when he runs low on X content so you can log in and either add new content for X or edit your existing content to add new variations.

The Has Publishable Variations filter in the Library will also help you identify content that is expired for X.  Select your X account, and choose No under Has publishable variations to view posts that are expired for that X account:

*Note: this applies to X only.  Content will continue to recycle to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Learn about Pinterest's unique expiration and reactivation rules.

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