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Queue Quick Start Guide: How does a post get from my Library to my Queue?
Queue Quick Start Guide: How does a post get from my Library to my Queue?
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Edgar fills up the Queue for you!  But how does a post actually get chosen for the Queue, in what order, and how often will it be posted?  Take a look:

How a post is queued

The first way a post makes it to the Queue is if you chose Send Now and Save or Schedule Send and Save to set a specific date and time for the post to publish.  Check out those manual scheduling options here: Save options when adding a post.

But, the main way that a post gets added to the Queue--and the reason Edgar is so special--is your automated schedule.  Edgar's Schedule is a weekly recurring schedule.  That means you set it up once and then Edgar repeats it week after week.  So, you don't have to schedule each post individually or worry that you haven't scheduled anything for next week.

When you add content to your Library, you put it into your categories.  And then you put your categories on the Schedule.

Edgar will pull a post from that category in your Library to be published at the time you set on your schedule.  And that's what you'll see in the Queue.  

For example, take a look at the screenshot below. On the left you see the time slot on the schedule for Sundays at 8AM. And on the right, you see the post in the queue for Sunday, November 8th, at 8AM. Edgar pulled that post from the Engaging Content category and placed it in the queue to be published automatically. And next Sunday, he'll chose another post from that category to publish!

If your queue is empty, make sure you have:

Order of posts in the queue

By default, Edgar will publish content from your Library in a last in, first out order.  So, fresh content takes priority over older stuff.  Learn how to mix up this posting order here: Shuffle and Skip.

How often will the queue recycle my posts?*

This depends on how many posts you have in a category and how often that category appears on the Schedule.  

For example, if you have 10 posts in a category and you put that category on your schedule 5 times, then those posts will recycle every 2 weeks.  (Because math! 10 divided by 5 is 2)

If things are showing up in the Queue a little more often than you'd like, add more posts to that category or reduce the time slots for that category on the Schedule.  And check out our best practices for the Queue: 

*Note: Posts are not repeated for X to comply with their terms and conditions. Posts will be published to X one time only and then retired.  To keep your evergreen content posting for X, check out Edgar's Variations feature.

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