Edgar connects with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business and Instagram.  

On the Edgar Lite plan, you may connect up to 5 social accounts. On the Edgar plan, you may connect up to 25 social accounts. (Learn how to add more accounts to your plan here) Each profile, page, or group counts as one connection.

For each network, Edgar will ask you to grant only the permissions needed to publish for you. Edgar will never post anything you didn't tell him to.

See how to connect and manage your social media accounts below:

Connect a Facebook Page or Group

To connect Facebook pages and groups, your personal profile must be an admin for those pages and groups.

Click the Facebook Page/Group button on the Accounts page and grant Edgar permission to publish for you and to manage your pages and groups. In the next prompt, click Choose what you allow and make sure the pages and group you want to connect to Edgar are selected. Then click OK:

For groups, visit each group on Facebook and add MeetEdgar to your group apps

Edgar will provide you a list of pages and groups that your profile is an admin for.  Click on each page and group you'd like to add to select them and click Add Selected.

Your personal Facebook profile is a parent account for your pages and groups only.  Edgar does not post to Facebook profiles and your profile does not count toward your social account limit; but your profile must be connected to access your pages and groups.

For more information about connecting a Facebook account to Edgar, check out Edgar & Facebook.

Connect a LinkedIn Account


LinkedIn recently updated their admin roles. To connect Edgar and LinkedIn, you'll need to make sure you're not just a Content Admin, but a Super Admin.

You may add either a LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn companies to Edgar. To add a company page, your personal LinkedIn profile must be an admin of that page.

Click on the Profile or Company button on the Accounts page, depending on which type of account you'd like to add and follow the prompts displayed.

Learn more about Edgar & LinkedIn or Connecting a LinkedIn Company Page.

Connect a Twitter Account

Click the Twitter button on the Accounts page and enter your Twitter login information when prompted to connect your Twitter account to Edgar.  

Check out the Twitter & Edgar article for more information.

Connect an Instagram Account

Click the Instagram button on the Accounts page and choose either business or personal profile to connect. Edgar recommends connecting as a business profile.

Not sure whether you have a personal or business Instagram profile?  See Connecting Instagram Accounts to Edgar for more information.

Connect a Google My Business Account

Click on the Google My Business button on the Accounts page and choose the Google account connected to your Google My Business profile. Under the Google account, select the Google My Business profile to connect. Scroll down and click 'Add Selected Accounts'.

Check out the Edgar & GMB article for more information.

Connect a Pinterest Account

Click the Pinterest button on the Accounts page and enter your Pinterest login information when prompted to connect your Pinterest account to Edgar.

You may connect a personal or business Pinterest account, but only business accounts may publish videos. Not sure what kind of Pinterest account you have? See Get a Pinterest Business Account for more information.

Check out the Edgar & Pinterest article for details on connecting a Pinterest account.

Delete an Account

We do NOT recommend deleting an account unless your are 100% sure you're finished using it with Edgar.  

Deleting an account will also delete the schedule and post associations for that account.  This cannot be undone.  

In most cases, refreshing an account is all that is required to solve any connection issues. 

To delete an account, click the trash can icon on the account.

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